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The Congress papers will be published in a special issue of the peer-reviewed scientific journal Practical Medicine, which is included in the VAK List.

Manuscripts of the articles are submitted electronically by e-mailmaltc@mail.ru before 31 July 2018 г.
ARTICLE SUBMISSION GUIDELINES are available on the official website of the journalhttp://pmarchive.ru/write/

Please submit by e-mailsamoilov-kzn@mfvt.ru before 15 August 2018

All papers must be submitted in Russian.
The volume of materials should not exceed 1 page of A4 format.
Font Times New Roman 12 pt, single line spacing, margins - 2 cm spacing on each side, alignment in width, no tables and drawings.
The publications should be submitted in .doc or .docx format.
The file name should feature speaker last name and initials with no dots or spaces (for example, IvanovII).

The paper content structure:
- Title (centered, in capital letters)
- Authors (centered)
- Organization, city, country (for each of the authors) (centered)
- E-mail (right-aligned)
- Fundamental / clinical trial (right-aligned)
- Text

Introduction (describing the relevance of the scientific work), research objective, research material and methods, the findings, their evaluation and summary (conclusion).
Abbreviations are permitted, but they must be deciphered after the first mention.

Sponsorship and exhibition:
+7 (843) 237-84-72 

Registration questions: 
Arina Khalyapina
+7 (843) 237 84 69 (ext.107)

Congress venue:  

Advanced Medical Technology Education Center AMTEC KAZAN 138 Orenburgskiy trakt,  build. 9,  Kazan,  Russia 

Faculty and mentors:


Recognize the refinements of routine and complex interventions on lacrimal pathways and adjacent structures 

Expand knowledge in the field of lacrimal disorders diagnosis, dacryosurgery minimally invasive and endoscopic techniques

Study the features of the lacrimal duct surgical anatomy on practice 

Enrich with the knowledge and experience of the world's most recognized dacryologists and representatives of related specialties

Publish abstracts in the peer-reviewed journal

Present the elected topics to the attention of the professional community

Receive the Certificate of participation and CME credits  

Tatarstan — 1001 pleasures 

The program will include lectures and presentations of the Russian and internationally recognized experts in the field of lacrimal disorders diagnosis and treatment


Mohammad J.Ali
Professor & PhD
Video Call
Reynaldo M. Javate
President of ISD&DE
Video Call
Jane Olver
Vice President of ISD&DE
Nicolaos Trakos MD
Phd, President of 12th Congress of International Society of Dacryology & Dry Eye

under the auspices of the International Society of Dacryology & Dry Eye (ISD & DE)

KAZAN, RUSSIA      |      27 - 28 September 2018


World Congress for Ophthalmologists and Otorhinolaryngologists

Lacrimal Disorders Diagnosis and Treatment 

General Program




Cadaver dissection broadcast

Live surgery broadcast

Clinical cases analyses 

Attendee binder

Coffee breaks

Kazan is one of the most dynamic cities in Russia and features a rich cultural heritage to boot. Enjoy a wonderful blend of comfort and pleasure when you visit the capital of the Republic of Tatarstan!

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*Gala dinner tickets can be purchased at additional cost 3500 rub.


Lectures and academic discussions by leading Russian and international faculty

Live demonstrations from the OR

Hands on cadaveric dissection course 

The hands-on training utilizing specially preserved cadaver material will be guided by recognized Russian and international experts in educational OR Cadaver Lab.


Lectures by representatives of both related specialties covering all possible aspects of dacryology 


Hands-on cadaver dissection guided by recognized international experts 

Live surgery broadcast

Clinical cases analyses 

Attendee binder

Coffee breaks

Sponsors and exhibitors


We mark a historic moment of combining the two core areas in the treatment of lacrimal pathology.
At this point ophthalmologists are ready to share their expertise and skills such as external approach to lacrimal structures, eliminating the obstruction of the lacrimal passage horizontal part, understanding the concept of the dry eye which often stimulates or provokes lacrimal duct obstruction. 

The specialists rhinologists will enhance the audience's perception of the nasal cavity normal and topographic anatomy, endoscopic techniques for the diagnosis and treatment of lacrimal pathology and associated comorbidities as well as the latest achievements in the field of endoscopic transnasal surgical approach. 

The scientific program will also include discussions on legal issues and world experience in organizing medical care for patients with lacrimal system disorders in various types of clinics.

Why team approach is important?

Congress official language:

The congress should enable participants to: 

Contact person:  Marina Ivanova
+7 (843) 237 84 72    /    mivanova@amtec-kazan.com

Are you interested in presenting your company’s products and services to the largest possible audience of ophthalmologists and otorhinolaryngologists from more than 30 regions of Russia as well as countries of the CIS?

For sponsors and exhibitors

Hotel «NOGAI»


Hotel Ramada Kazan City Center



In the Schedule:

For the first time in the world the representatives of two related specialties: ophthalmology and otorhinolaryngology will join their efforts in presenting a multidisciplinary team approach in treatment of lacrimal obstruction and dry eye syndrome.

The Congress is intended for specialists interested in mastering and improving the skills of diagnosis and surgical treatment of the lacrimal system and eye pathology




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** Hands-on cadaver dissection guided by recognized experts. Space is limited due to the number of stations in the anatomical dissection laboratory. Therefore, early registration is strongly recommended.  

*** Gala dinner will be held on September 27, 2018. Tickets can be purchased at additional cost 3500 rub. in advance. 

Registrations will be accepted after payment in the order in which they are received.

Please do not make travel arrangements until you have received an official confirmation letter.

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*Gala dinner tickets can be purchased at additional cost 3500 rub.