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Marina Ivanova 

+7 (843) 237 84 72


Location of the conference:


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Silver Partners


Participants include


The following experts will be sharing their experiences at the conference


How are today’s physicians adapting to the transformation of health care? 

When it comes to patient fears, what is important to know, and why?


How can you increase job satisfaction and reduce staff burnout in today’s health care?


How can you reduce the risk of medical errors?


Tatarstan – 1001 Pleasures



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Media Partners

Vladimir Pozner — Russian and American journalist and TV host

Everyone has the goal of becoming better — and this conference seeks to create an environment  that will help each participant achieve that goal 

A Space to Meet with Like-Minded Leaders

Active networking 
an opportunity to develop useful business contacts


Leadership experience —   inspiration and motivation for realizing incredible achievements 

Practical training —master classes and intensives for developing management and communication skills

5th International Conference

Cost: 3,500 rubles

upon registering before August 31

Celebrate the fifth anniversary of the conference with us at the After Party! 

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World-Class Quality Standards:  
From Ideas to Practice.
Leaders’ Experiences 


How can you improve patient satisfaction? 

How should you create a staff development plan?


What should a development plan for improving communication skills with patients look like?


How can you build an effective financial management system for your clinic?

Business trainers and coaches

By participating in the conference

* Space is limited!

* Space is limited!

We invite everyone to participate in this important event —  including all of those who, like us at AMTEC KAZAN, are committed to the development of health care and the welfare of patients. 


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HR directors

Marketing leaders

Chief physicians

Leaders of private and state medical enterprises

Chief nurses

Heads of clinical and diagnostic laboratories

Heads of quality departments

Leaders of Russian and CIS medical universities

Kazan is one of the most dynamic cities in Russia and features a rich cultural heritage unlike anywhere else. Enjoy a wonderful blend of comfort and pleasure when you visit the capital of the Republic of Tatarstan!

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Relive some of the memories from previous conferences:

The conference will take place in Kazan, for the fifth year in a row


Use the exhibition hall to present the products  and services of your company to a target audience from more than 30 regions of Russia as well as countries of the CIS. 

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35 000

64 000

Working breakfast with experts on October 25, 2018

Participation in small-group Mayo Clinic intensives on October 26, 2018

Participation in the main conference program on October 25, 2017

Relevant conference material

Speaker presentations

Catered food and drinks

Reserved front-row seats

Separate check-in area on the day of the event

Transfer to and from the airport and hotel

Participation in small-group Mayo Clinic intensives on October 26, 2018

Participation in the main conference program on October 25, 2018

Relevant conference material

Coffee breaks during the conference

Speaker presentations

Participation in the main conference program on October 25, 2018

Relevant conference material

Coffee breaks during the conference

Speaker presentations 

Timothy M Davlantes
Quality Medical Director, Mayo Clinic Jacksonville, FL
Luanne Marie Lentz
Quality Administrator, Mayo Clinic Jacksonville, FL
First time in Russia!
Colleen Sweeney
Founder, Sweeney Healthcare Enterprises, and author of the book 160 Ways to Empathize
Quinn McKenna
Chief Operating Officer, Stanford Health Care
Rebecca Brustad
Patient Experience Training, Education and Coaching Manager, Mayo Clinic Health System, Eau Claire, WI
Doris Anne Doyle
HR Organizational Development Senior Advisor, Mayo Clinic Jacksonville, FL
Fabio M Potenti
CMO, Cleveland Clinic Florida, Weston, FL
Jason Craig
Vice Chair, Administration, Mayo Clinic Health System, Eau Claire, WI
Deborah Brown
Director of Risk Management, Mayo Clinic Rochester, MN
Shannon Robert Peter
Program Director, Palliative Medicine Fellowship, Mayo Clinic Jacksonville, FL
Pamela Prissel
Director, Office of Patient Experience, Mayo Clinic Rochester, MN
Linda Rhodes
Senior Advisor, Leader Assessment and Development, Mayo Clinic Jacksonville, FL
Alex Kosik, MD
Board Member Bitmed, business angel, Washington, D.C.

General Partners


You can register on October 25, 2018 on the day of the event

GTRK "KORSTON", St.N. Ershova, d 1A, Business center, 1st floor.

Natalia Samotuga
+7 (843) 2378469 (EXT. 101) nsamotuga@amtec-kazan.com

continuing education programs


AMTEC KAZAN by the numbers:

24 330
medical specialists that have participated in our conferences

20 284 
medical specialists from Russia and the CIS trained using our courses


For the first time in Russia, experts from leading US health care enterprises including the Mayo Clinic, Stanford Health Care, and Cleveland Clinic will be gathered together in one place.

The world premiere of the new program!

Conference moderator:

upon registering before August 31

+ Mayo Clinic Intensives*

Main Program

Natalya Samotuga 

+7 (843) 237 84 69 ( ext. 101)

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For 10 years we have been creating educational programs with the goal of developing health care in Russia.  We hope that our friends, partners, like-minded people, and anyone who seeks to make health care better will join us for this conference 



Participants from 84 regions of Russia and 16 countries around the world

Internships in 93 countries around the world


Experts from 32 countries

Korston Hotel, Kazan, N. Ershov Street, 1a

you’ll learn answers to the following questions: 

Main Program 

October 25-26, 2018

28 500